Directed by: Peter Berg
Cast: Will Smith (John Hancock), Jason Bateman (Ray), Charlize Theron (Mary), Jae Head (Aaron), Eddie Marsan (Red)

Superhero comedy Hancock, starring Will Smith as self-destructive, self-absorbed, drunken bum of a superhero who creates ridiculous amounts of collateral damage every time he goes out on a rescue, has a lot of promise. For the first half it’s not only very funny, but it also explores similar themes to The Dark Knight (we kid you not) in the way it questions what the public need from a superhero, though in this case, it’s a PR guru decides to help out improve Hancock’s image (because unlike Batman, he hasn’t got the self-awareness to comprehend his situation). There’s also some great CG and shaky cam footage.

But then the proper plot starts and the laughing stops and the superheroics become pretty much by-the-numbers.

The irony of the film is… it would have been better if Hancock had never sobered up.


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