Directed by: Charles Jarrott
Cast: Michael Crawford (Woody Wilkins), Oliver Reed (Krakov), Barbara Carrera (Natalia)

Perhaps the oddest thing about this Disney effort, is that the title at the time was more likely to make kids think they were going to see a film about a man who loved his cigars than about a comic artist who becomes the character he draws. Crawford stars at Woody, the artist who, through a sequence of unlikely events, becomes involved with the defection of a Russian spy. The CIA help him bring his creation to life, because, of course, international espionage can always benefit from a man with a 40-foot wing span.

While Christopher Reeve was convincing us that a man could fly, Crawford looks like he can barely walk in his get up. Despite the film being cheesy and cheap, it remains fondly remembered as a kind of juvenile James Bond, complete with gadgets, stunts, a boat chase and globetrotting. Who needed an Alex Rider movie when we could have had a Condorman remake?


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