Directed by: Mike Mitchell
Cast: Kurt Russell (Steve Stronghold/The Commander), Kelly Preston (Josie Stronghold/Jetstream), Michael Angarano (Will Stronghold), Lynda Carter (Principal Powers), Bruce Campbell (Coach Boomer)

Gotta admit, we’re glad to see there’s some love for this film out there. Essentially a superhero take on Harry Potter, it’s about a cloud-based school for young superdudes. Instead of four school houses, there are only two tiers to the establishment here – you’re either a potential superhero or a potential sidekick (if you have really rubbish powers). A searing indictment of the old grammar/comprehensive system? Nah. Course not. This is America. But it does make you wonder whether the teachers think about such things as self-esteem.

Storywise, it’s enough old rope to rig out the Black Pearl. Even though it starts off with the twist that the film’s “Harry Potter” figure – Will Stronghold – doesn’t actually have any powers despite having super parents, you know that they’re going to develop at a pertinent moment and that he’ll save the day. Surprises are thin on the ground. But it’s witty and inventive with its depiction of life at the super school, and boasts some smart casting – especially former Wonder Woman Lynda Carter as the principal and Bruce Campbell as a thuggish sports master.


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