Directed by: Tom McGrath
Cast: Will Ferrell (Megamind), Brad Pitt (Metro Man), Tim Roth (Emil Blonsky), Tina Fey (Roxanne Ritchie)

Ollo! He’s blue, a dude, and smarter than you – that’s right, we’re talking about Megamind, Will Farrell’s contribution to the superhero genre and a worthy addition to the list. Why? Well, first and foremost, it’s a great twist on the Superman origin story – what if two kids escaped a dying planet, one crash landing some rich folks house and the other landing in jail? Secondly, it’s damned funny: Megamind’s crazy pronunciations alone had me in creases, and Will Farrell is clearly enjoying himself. The plot is full of enough twists and turns to put it up there with any number of live-action superhero movies, but what really makes it a fine example of super-powered film making is that it’s got a heart, and a great big mushy one at that. Entertaining family-based fare, well animated and with some great spins on traditional superhero tropes, Megamind’s big blue head thoroughly deserves its place on this list.

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