Director: Brad Bird
Cast: Craig T Nelson (Bob Parr/Mr Incredible), Holly Hunter (Helen Parr/Elastigirl), Samuel L Jackson (Lucius Best/Frozone), Jason Lee (Buddy Pine/Syndrome)

The highest rating film in this list not based on a comic, The Incredibles managed to out-Fantastic FourFantastic Four. It’s was unlucky for the Tim Story Marvel adaptation that it come out months after The Incredibles, because the Pixar film kind made it feel redundant. The fact that it was a hell of a lot better didn’t help FF’s box office either.

The Incredibles is yet more proof that Pixar, under the guise of making children’s movies, makes films that are more intelligent, slick and exciting than most so-called adult movies. Because among the breathtaking action sequences, the sparkling humour and the Bond-inspired production design is a very human story about ageing, family loyalty and the trappings of fame. The heroes are adorable, and even the villain is sympathetic.

So, okay, it ripped off the gag about capes being dangerous from the Watchmen graphic novel, but it got it to the screen first.


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