Director: Philippe Mora
Cast: Alan Arkin (Captain Invincible), Christopher Lee (Mr Midnight), Kate Fitzpatrick (Patty Patria)

The film that inspired Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog… erm, possibly. Actually we have no proof Joss Whedon has ever seen it, but as it’s the only other superhero musical we can think of, we’d like to think it was an inspiration.

A wonderfully silly, unashamedly over-the-top Australian movie about a war time superhero who retires to Australia and becomes an alcoholic after being accused of being a Nazi sympathiser, it features songs with lyrics by Rocky Horror’s Richard O’Brien (“There are pushers and hoodlums of great dedication/That without hesitation supply medication/One minute you’re a looker that looked, And the next you’re a hooker that’s hooked”) and Christopher Lee as a singing supervillain (“Between the sheets is lovely/with a dizzy blonde and a popular bubbly”). Utter insanity.

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